ITALY vertical sailing tour


Discover the beauty of the south...
Seven days of sport and nature along the renowned Costiera Amalfitana. The area is full of amazing spots to practice outdoor activities such us: trekking, rock climbing, spear fishing, sightseeing, exc. All of that will be done among villages rich in colture, architecture and culinary art.


Arrival in Salerno

Meeting point is in Salerno marina. Check-in after 18:00.
Accommodation and organization of the boat for the week.


Departure early in the morning towards north. After some miles of sailing our first stop will be the Praiano's beach. There is a nice equipped cliff rising right of the beach, ideal to warm up for the coming week. We will then sail around in search of a quiet bay where to drop the anchor and to spend the night.

Deep Water Solo

We will keep sailing north passing by the most vertical and even overhanging cliffs of the whole Amalfi Coast. The spot is ideal to practice deep water solo so a stop is a must! No harness, no rope, no bolts... just the water as a crash pad in case of a fall.
The night will be spent in the Amalfi's harbor where a visit to the old town will be highly recommended.

"Pansa" patisserie & Nocelle

Breakfast at "Pansa" patisserie! One of the best and oldest bakery in Italy (since 1830). Whit a big smile on our faces after a good morning start, we will make our course sailing to Nocelle where you will be able to get on land to do the famous trekking "sentiero degli dei" (the gods trail). It is a panoramic path 7km long connecting Nocelle to Agerola where you will find the boat waiting for you at the end of the trail.

Punta Campanella

Punta Campanella is the northest cape of the Amalfi's seashore and also the spot with the best rock. Many climbing routes (single pitch and multi pitch) start right at sea level. There we will climb until dusk admiring the sunset behind Capri Island.


We will circumnavigate the island of Capri. There will be the possibility for multi pitch climbing as well as attempting to climb the famous island's sea stacks!
The night we will be spent in Capri's bay.

Sailing Day

We will sail down south and stop here and there for some swimming before arriving to Salerno by 18:00. (From now guest can disembark and leave)


Disembark in the morning before 9.00 a.m.


Minimum number of 5 participant is required.

The daily program can be unquestionably changed due to safety reasons by the skipper.

On land the Mountain Guide will lead the tours and make the decisions to guarantee the safety of the group.

Day tours are not mandatory. Each member of the crew is free to decide at which one to take part.

Life on board:

If this is your first time on a sailing boat and you don’t know what to expect, here is a brief summary of the most important things and rules you should know:

  • - On board we are a crew so cooperation and respect among crew members is important.
  • - Everyone is responsible to clean up after themselves.
  • - Team work: someone will cook, someone will cut the grocery, someone will wash the dishes…
  • - Out in the sea you may be asked to use water and electricity with moderation.
  • - WARNING: Boat life creates addiction and friendships started on a cruise may last forever!!


The crew will be composed by the Skipper, the Mountain Guide and 5/9 guests.

Skills and level requested:

Good physical shape. No particular climbing skills are required.

The Mountain Guide will be there to supervise the climbing and to help all the climbers to improve their skills. No matter what your climbing level is, the tips of a professional guide will always be a precious gift to bring back home at the end of the tour.

Gear requested:

  • Complete personal climbing gear (rope, harness, helmet, quick draws, spare carabiners, climbing shoes and chalk bag).
  • Backpack for daily tours/climbs/hikes.
  • Hiking shoes.
  • A warm pullover and a waterproof jacket.
  • A pair of long pants and a pair of short ones.
  • Bathing suit, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, bathing towel.

Rigid suitcases are forbidden!
Please use a suitcase that can be easily folded and stored once empty. It is important to save space onboard.


Double size bed or bunk bed. Accommodation will be sorted and arranged by and among guests.

The trip amount includes:

  • - The skipper and accommodation on a sailing boat.
  • - The Mountain Guide (U.I.A.G.M. certified).
  • - The pantry (food and beverages).
  • - Bed sheets and towels.
  • - Boat fuel, harbor fees and final cleaning of the boat.

The trip amount does not include:

  • - Travel expenses to reach/leave the harbor of departure.
  • - Deposit fee of 300 euro (cash) per person as a guarantee fund which will be collected by the skipper when boarding (Saturday at 18:00) and which will be returned at the end of the trip if no damages had been made.
  • - Meals on land (Skipper cost of the meal on land will be divided among all guests).