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Since 2013 we have been sailing the Mediterranean sea in search of the best rock climbing spots accessible by boat. The blend between rock climbing and the boat life felt straight away so natural and so right that we immediately felt in love with it: “being able to access to the wildest places relaying on the wind to move and to sett up our base camp anywhere, just by dropping the anchor, makes us feel all in one with the nature and totally free”.

Trough the years, we expanded the magical combination of sail & climb to other outdoor activities like trekking, bouldering, canyoning, paragliding and skiing. Now we enjoy sharing the experience gained with our guests. Together we keep exploring miles of coastlines, cliffs, islands, archipelagos and fjords where to drop the anchor and begin the adventure.


Years of exploration sailing throughout the Mediterranean and the Norwegian sea, led us to discover the most beautiful islands and stretches of coast. Valuing wilderness, local culture and a wide range of possible activities as the key elements for a destination, we selected only the best ones for our tours. From the rocky islands of the Mediterranean sea, to the snowy fjords of the Lyngen Alps, climbers, trekkers and skiers join us on board to take over what we believe to be the ultimate outdoor experience.

Our well proven tours will make you experience each destination in the most original and authentic way.


We can organize a tailor made tour for your group of friends. You will choose where and when to go, contact us!


Driven by passion, here you will find only friendly and motivated people.
Our goal is to share with our guests what we love doing the most and our reward is the smile in their faces.

A team of experts made up of professional skippers and fully certified mountain guides allows us to realize Sail & Climb and Ski & Sail vacations in a friendly and safe environment. On the sailing boat the skipper will teach you how to sail, while on land, during our guided rock climbing and ski tours, the mountain guide will supervise the activities teaching you how to rock climbing and how to ski touring.


Founder and Skipper




U.I.A.G.M. Mountain Guide
Leader guide for summer tours




U.I.A.G.M. Mountain Guide
Leader guide for winter tours



Join us on board for the ultimate outdoor experience!


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